Brian Cheres

Brian Cheres

  • Position: Holding Over
  • Experience: 2
  • Location: 4th Avenue Towers, 21st Floor, Left wing, 4th Ngong Avenue, Nairobi
  • Email:
  • Phone: 254757954852

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Brian Cheres is a dedicated and astute lawyer currently serving in the position of “Holding Over” at our firm. With a sharp intellect and a keen understanding of both civil and criminal litigation, Brian brings a wealth of knowledge and a meticulous approach to every case he handles.

Education and Qualifications:

  • Law Degree: University of Nairobi
  • Postgraduate Studies: Kenya School of Law
  • Brian’s academic journey laid a solid foundation for his legal career. Graduating from the
  • prestigious University of Nairobi with a law degree, he honed his skills and deepened his legal knowledge through his postgraduate studies at the Kenya School of Law. This comprehensive education has equipped Brian with a robust understanding of legal principles and procedures.

Areas of Expertise

  • Civil Litigation
  • Criminal Litigation
  • Legal Research
  • Brian’s expertise spans across both civil and criminal litigation. His ability to navigate complex legal procedures and his proficiency in research enable him to build compelling cases and offer sound legal advice. Brian’s attention to detail and analytical prowess ensure that every aspect of a case is meticulously examined, providing his clients with the best possible representation.

Professional Attributes

  • Keen and Intelligent
  • Excellent Research Skills
  • Strong Understanding of Legal Procedures
  • Brian is known for his keen insight and intelligence, qualities that drive his success in the legal field. His exceptional research skills allow him to uncover critical information and develop well-founded legal strategies. With a strong grasp of legal procedures, Brian is adept at managing cases from inception through to resolution, always prioritizing the best interests of his clients.