Sigei K. Hillary

Managing Partner

Sigei K. Hillary

  • Position: Managing Partner
  • Experience: 10 years
  • Location: I & M Bank House, Nairobi
  • Email:
  • Phone: 020-2738060

Executive Summary

Ten(10) years in legal and professional business environment with Seven(7)years managing & leading teams in;

  • Managing medium sized busy law firms
  • Commercial and litigation Strategy formulation and implementation oversight including leading cross-functional teams

Prime Competencies

  • Strategic and innovative thinking through;
    • Good understanding of the law and in particular practice of law
    • Personalized attention to details in undertaking any assignment with refined
      interest in the success of such task,
    • Good planning and organizational skills gained overtime with the previous
      engagements and a keen eye to tangible deliverables,
    • Good and strategic institutional management and governance skills gained
      overtime through engagements and involvement with public and private
      institutions both local and international,
    • Excellent Interpersonal and diverse team Leadership skills.




  • As the Managing Partner, I am tasked to build he firm’s client portfolio and execute administration and strategic plan and management of the entity,
  • Formulation of strategic management, best practices / guidelines, and professionalism in close collaboration with the team Senior Partners, Lawyers and staff at SMS Advocates.
  • Driving Efficiency Utilization Initiatives to allow professionalism and successful delivery of services in record time and standard to clients who are both large corporates or individuals.
  • Relationship Management: Forge and maintain working relationships and synergies across the organization and with its customers, and establish greater understanding of the legal environment;
  • Developing, participating and enforcing various good governance initiatives;
  • Build internal and external Partnerships and linkages to spur growth and enhance legal and related service delivery.